Gus Constan's Bio


Born in Athens Greece, a Canadian living in Montreal educated in Canada, US and UK. Experience in analog and digital design, OS kernel design, software engineering and IT/IS project management.
A relational database star schema specialist in deterministic and probabilistic knowledge discovery and business intelligence.
Experience in XML technologies (SOA, Web Agents, Web Services, Semantic Web, REST), Virtual Machine Cluster Hosting.

Postgraduate business specialization in quantative finance with particular interest in central banking, econometrics and mining of base and precious metals. 

Gus offers operations research, project management and design services through Trilog Inc in a broad range of industrial and commercial application domains, for email feedback


BEng Engineering Mathematics, electronics and optimal control majors
An MSc in informatics with specializations in;
     Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering
     Security Engineering, Internet Technologies
     Database Systems, Intelligent Systems
     Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence
An MBA in Finance
A certified Canadian private pilot

Postgraduate alma mater - University of Liverpool, UK
Institute of International Finance - Oxford, UK

Domain Experience


Algorithmic State Machine design
Analog and Digital instrument design
Microprocessor, Microcontroller and DSP design
Multivariable/multitasking Kernel design
Expert Systems design
Dairy Herd Analysis and Milk QA
Automated Toll road control and collection - MTL,QC,NYC,NY,IN,CT,NJ
Centralized Bridge and Tunnel Traffic Signaling and control
Transport Systems (courier)
Integrated Production Control Systems (OP,BOM,Inventory,Backoffice)
Integrated Accounting Systems (retail, distribution, institutional, property, membership)
Automotive DMS (Dealership Management Systems for GM, Honda, Hyundai, Suzuki, Subaru)
Data Mining, DSS and BI
Virtual Machine Infastructure/clusters
Virtual Domain Windows and Linux Internet hosting


Asparagus cultivation, marketing, distribution - Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec
Forestry (150 acres), 50,000 Conifer plantation, 50 acre Sugar Maple, 25 acre Hard wood - Saint Isidore d'Auckland, Quebec
Cultivation Mais - Saint-Clet, Quebec


Log Cabin 60 sqM, Morin-Heights, Quebec
Gutting and reconstruction 120 sqM bungalow - Pointe Claire, Quebec
Renovation McGill 300 sqM Split Level, Pointe Claire, Quebec
Finished/partitioned basement and Garage 170 sqM, Kirkland Quebec
Renovation Triplex, plumbing, insulation,electrical, windows, doors, Montreal, Quebec
Design, construction 500 sqM steel building, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec
Semi Circular Cathedral style wood/brick house 170 sqM, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec
Designed and partitioned/finished top 2 floors of tower apt, 250 sqM, Changchun, China
Renovated electrical, plumbing, windows, floor 90 sqM, Changchun, China
Renovated electrical, plumbing, windows, 120 sqM, Beijing, China
Modified/Furnished Condo Kitchen, Toilet, Solarium, Beidaihe, China

Employment History

McGill University, Mtl - Electrical Engineering Lab, Design/Build PDP-11 to PDP-8 adapter
McGill University, Mtl - Neurophysiology, Ergophysiology instrumentation design
Motor Industries Limited, Mtl - Magnetic amplifier heavy motor control design
Sperry Gyroscope Ltd, Mtl - ASN-501 Tactical navigation and NC computers
RCA Aerospace Ltd, Mtl - ISIS satellite PCM encoder, command decoder
Hewlett Packard Ltd, Pt.Claire - Senior systems analyst HP1000, HP3000, HPUX
Data General Corp. DDO - Applications Engineering AOS, AOS-VS, Infos
IBM NY - Real Time Systems Engineer, Series-1 Computers RTS, EDX
Automatic Toll Systems, NY - Toll Systems Design, Hardware/Software
Systems Technologies, Mtl - Founder, Commercial systems design and integration
Cocyen Ltd, Mtl - Founder, Commercial systems design, integration and maintenance
Trilog Inc, Mtl - Founder, Internet Based Solutions Design and Domain Hosting

Briggs-Myers Personality

INTJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger) Carl Jung - Personality, Dr. C.George Boeree.
Tend to be: autonomous, aloof, and intellectual; imaginative, innovative, and unique; critical, analytical,
and logical; intellectually curious, driven to learn and increase their competence and knowledge;
socially cautious and reserved; organized and definitive. The most important thing to INTJs is
their independence and being able to live according to their own standards.

Voting Memberships



Instructed archery, riflery, canoeing and wilderness survival. Plays table tennis.
A Shodan in Kenkokan and Shotokan, practices TaiChi.


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The Atlas of Type Tables by Gerald P. Macdid, Mary H. McCaulley and Richard I Kainz. and published by CAPT.
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